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China Drywall Screw production since 2000---We have established our chinese screws factory in 2000.

China Drywall Screw exportation since 2009---We have exported our chinese screws since 2009.

We have independent production line for drywall screw china only.

Enough china screw factory production experience and garantee good quality of drywall screw china.

Enough china screw factory exportation experience and garantee ODM/OEM (customization) service.

Chinese Screw Factory-How to produce drywall screw China?

C1022A-Material Rolling

C1022A--Rolling time

C1022A ready to produce screws

C1022A after rolling

screws production-head pacuhing

Screws head pauching

after head pauching

Screws after head pauching

screws thread

Threading time

screws before heat treatment

Screws after threading

Screws hardened-heat treatment

Heat treatment-Hardened

screws surface treatment

Drywall screws surface treatment

screws packing time

Drywall screws packing time

C1022A-Material Rolling

Loading starts

loading finish

Drywall screws loading with pallet

screws loading without pallet

Screws loading without pallet


Screw Manufacturer in China - China Drywall Screw Factory in China

Chinese Drywall Screw head pauching machine: 50 set

Chinese Drywall Screw thread machine: 30 set

Chinese Drywall Screw drill making machine: 20 set

Warehouse packing area: 3000 square meters

Employee: 250+

All is serving for you forever.

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